// I’m Sean Cregan

Hello, I’m Sean, or John (John’s my real name, but I write as, and answer to, both). Since you’re reading this you must have impeccable taste, and are probably very clever and attractive too. Or you’re lost and came here googling for monkey fetishes. This is where I sell books Wot I Wrote and offer my services as a freelance editor for the independent author about town. Every cent (after PayPal/Gumroad’s cut) of what I make here goes directly to me and helps me earn a living. Samples of the books here are available to allow you to decide for yourself if you want to take a chance on them, and there are plenty of freebies. Everything comes as a dual-format ZIP file with an ePub and Kindle version inside. They’re DRM-free and Creative Commons by-nc licensed, so you can share them freely at will.

Email me at namelesshorror [at] gmail [dot] com if you have any trouble. And thanks for checking this place out. You’re awesome.

- Sean Cregan/John Rickards/Some Guy